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    Karas: The Prophecy (OVA) Review


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    Karas: The Prophecy (OVA) Review Empty Karas: The Prophecy (OVA) Review

    Post  animesoulforum2 on Thu Sep 03, 2009 1:29 pm

    Karas: The Prophecy (OVA)

    The old Karas is dead, killed by an evil ex-Karas who now named himself Ekou. He started a series of murders against humanity by making his loyal youkai drain the body fluids from humans. Otoha ,a young man who just woke from a coma, is chosen to be the new Karas. Him and his trainer, Yurine, start the fight against the evil forces of darkness that are triyng to conquer the city of Shijuku.

    Episodes: 6 | Year: 2005

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