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    Resident Evil Degeneration (Movie) Review


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    Resident Evil Degeneration (Movie) Review Empty Resident Evil Degeneration (Movie) Review

    Post  animesoulforum2 on Sat Sep 05, 2009 4:46 pm

    Resident Evil Degeneration (Movie)

    Claire Redfield is now a member of TerraSave, an organization which handles search and rescue at chemical and biological attacks. Claire arrives at Harvardville Airport to meet a family she is aiding. Claire is looking after her friend's niece, Rani Chawla, when they see Senator Ron Davis walk by. A zombie-masked protester is arrested by a police officer, only to be attacked by an actual zombie seconds later. One of Davis' bodyguards shoots the zombie while being attacked by the infected security guard, who was presumed to be dead. The second guard attempts to run but is also devoured. The scene causes panic and people in the vicinity flee, some being attacked by zombies. A plane crashes into the building, with all of the occupants already transformed into zombies by an infected passenger. Claire, Davis and Rani hide in the VIP lounge.

    Movies: 1 | Year: 2008

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