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    Sony Vegas HIgh Definition


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    Sony Vegas HIgh Definition Empty Sony Vegas HIgh Definition

    Post  disturbedassasin on Sun Jan 11, 2009 8:49 pm

    When you open a new window to start a new project you want to change the template to HDV720-30p[1280 x 720]or something like that.

    Then after you do this when you have the clip on the screen ready to edit before you do anything you want to right click it and choose pan/crop.

    After you do this a new window will open and you will see at the top a scroll down bar like thing. After you click on it there will be four choices. Either choose the third or the fourth one.

    And after that when you are done editing it, when you choose render you want to change the file type to ".wmv" or the last one. and on the right side choose the custom button and change the only thing there from "Good" to "Best" and click ok and then save it. And it should be widescreen and in HD

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    Sony Vegas HIgh Definition Empty Re: Sony Vegas HIgh Definition

    Post  animesoulforum2 on Wed Sep 02, 2009 11:30 pm

    no that is not good

    .WMV skips frames after render and sometimes it will ruin the sync

    After you finish editing choose as format

    "Sony AVC (mp4 m2t avc)"

    After that press COSTUM

    Video Rendering quality BEST
    Frame Side costum 1280 x 720
    Profile MAIN
    Entropy Coding CAVLC
    Bit Rate [bps] 5,000,000
    Audio Format AAC
    Sample Rate [Hz] 48
    Bit Rate 128,000

    Now go up and choose a name for your template then press that litlle discket from that side > and good luck with your render

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