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    HOW TO USE .MKV files with Sony Vegas


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    HOW TO USE .MKV files with Sony Vegas Empty HOW TO USE .MKV files with Sony Vegas

    Post  animesoulforum2 on Sun Jul 11, 2010 9:48 pm

    HOW TO USE .MKV files with Sony Vegas

    MKV is a container. Like a zip files, it has store video and audio in it. You can extract files from MKV and then edit them.



    *-*After that copy MKVextractGUi files into MKVtoolnix folder, then run MKV extractGUI from the flder, select your MKV file. In a box it will show what the file contains such as video audio or subtitles.
    *-*Select what you want, and hit extract. If the video you extracted is in AVI or MPEG, you can edit them in Sony Vegas. If it's h264 or something that Sony Vegas won't understand, get a converter accordingly.
    *-*If all's done, you can put the edited files and back in MKV with MKVtoolnix if you want.

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